Sleeping With Acid Reflux

Tom Qiao
March 26, 2022

Acid reflux is commonly known as heartburn and it is prevalent to most of us. It is something some people are living daily. Out of five people, four people experience heartburn are affected at night when they are sleeping.
As we relax and formulate to our bodies so that we can rest, some determinants determine the quality of sleep we get. However, experiencing acid reflux when sleeping can be very uncomfortable and can make one tired and irritated.
All of us know the essence of getting a night of quality sleep. Therefore, Rennie is giving some facts and tips that can help one to get quality sleep even while experiencing acid reflux.

Importance of sleep
The advantages of getting quality sleep are numerous. Besides, quality sleep has emotional satisfaction and other benefits related to physical and mental well being.
Sleep helps in the following
Ensuring immunity. Helps the body to fight colds and diseases.
Physical health. It ensures that sore muscles are repaired and they recover from other diseases.
Increases memory. It increases one's ability to remember.
Attention. Allows you to concentrate and focus.
Metabolism. It boosts one’s digestive system and assists in digestion.
Relieving stress. It helps the body to relax and reduce stress.
People need adequate sleep to function properly. Therefore, when you experience acid reflux, it is important to know how to overcome and have a quality sleep.
Appropriate sleeping positions during heartburn
Left or right?
It is better to sleep on your left side. It has been noted that sleeping on the right leads to the relaxation of the connecting muscles located between the stomach and the esophagus. During the contraction process of the muscles, they assist to regulate the occasion of acid reflux.
Front or back?
Avoid sleeping on the front side to avoid exerting pressure to your stomach which makes the acid to rise along the esophagus resulting in heartburn. In case you are overweight or obese, you are more prevalent and therefore, you should try other positions and see what works for you.
Up or down?
Raising the head and the shoulders above the chest while lying in bed can work to reduce acid reflux. Use a wedge-shaped pillow or some blocks to raise your upper body will go a long way to help you sleep when experiencing acid reflux.
Acid reflux sleeping tips
Don’t sleep immediately after eating. Wait for at least three hours before going to bed once you have eaten.
Eat regularly but in small quantities. It will help to avoid overwhelming your stomach.
Try remedies for acid reflux. Try substances that soothe digestion like caffeine and herbal teas. There are specific teas that can be consumed to reduce acid reflux.
Wear comfortable pajamas. Avoid wearing tight clothes since they add pressure in the body which hinders the normal functioning and causes pain that leads to heartburn.
Relax and calm down. Stress causes the muscles to contract leading to abnormal body functions.
Acid reflux is normal but it becomes stressful when it comes time to sleep while still suffering from the problem. Try the tips we discussed and if the pain does not reduce, consult your doctor.

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