Impact Of Allergens On Sleep

Tom Qiao
March 26, 2022

Allergens that may be giving you sleepless nights
In case you are among the 20 to 50 percent of Americans who have allergies, it important to know that not only do they affect you at daytime but also during the night. Congestion and other symptoms make it difficult for one to sleep well at night.

What is the connection? Breathing in something allergic to your body, it irritates the nasal cavity which causes congestion, sneezing, coughing and a running nose. With these symptoms, it is difficult to sleep and it is the reason why people lack quality sleep. The more the severity of the symptoms, the poor the quality of sleep.
To have a night of better sleep, you need to dispose of anything in your home that you are allergic to. The following are things to check out for;
Dust Mites. If your house is dusty, there is a high likelihood of the presence of dust mites. Their pleasant place of inhabiting in a house is in the bed pillows. They feed on dead skins cells that are shed when one is sleeping. Adding another cover to your pillow or mattress will help you get quality sleep. Also, wash your beddings using hot water to kill them.

Mold. Mold survive in areas with dampness. If your bedroom is attached to the bathroom, ensure that there is free circulation of air or you can move the air out using an exhaust fan or by opening the windows.

Pet Dander. In case you gave pets either a dog or a cat in your house, they have flakes on their dead skin know as pet dander. They are a common allergen. To avoid this allergen, keep your pets off your furniture like the bed and chair. You can vacuum them regularly. Taking a bath daily and brushing your pet will assist in minimizing dander in the house.

Pollen. This is an allergen that is seasonal and especially during the fall and in spring. You will need to take medication that reduces allergy and it is important to note that pseudoephedrine will make you lose sleep while antihistamines will make you sleepy in the daytime.

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