Four Things That Cause Allergies You Did Not Know About

Tom Qiao
March 26, 2022

Allergens within your household that could be giving you sleepless nights
Get rid of the stuffy nose that is giving you sleepless night by investigating the causing factors in your home.
Apart from sniffling, sneezing, and itch in the eyes, allergies also cause lack of quality sleep. Failure to sleep well is a serious side effect of allergy. Lack of sleep can cause tiredness, a decline in productivity, depression and memory issues. Allergies are known to heighten one’s risk of obstructive sleep apnea. It is important to know how to live with allergies to have proper rest during the night.
How Allergies Interfere With Sleep

Allergens found in the cause of allergic rhinitis, also known as inflammation and irritation in the nasal passage. Histamine, a chemical that leads to nasal congestion is produced by the body that makes one sneeze, have a running nose and also experience nasal drip. These symptoms can make the airways to narrow, thereby causing breathing problems making it very difficult for one to sleep during the night. Some people suffer from allergic rhinitis, a seasonal problem caused by pollen from grass and plants. But if you experience allergies throughout the year, it could be as a result of allergens that are inside your house.

Allergens that are common in the house and how to combat them
After you have identified irritants that are in your home causing sleep-related allergies, you can tackle them and start experiencing quality sleep.
Pet Dander. It is a common type of indoor allergen. Flakes and fluffy dead skins make up the allergen. You can be allergic to saliva, urine or fur belonging to animals. If it is not possible to stay without pets, make sure they do not get to your furniture and especially the bed. Ensure that you wash your pet at least once in a week and vacuum their sleeping places. Also, clean the carpets where they spend their time. You can also get someone who can wash the dust bin.
Dust Mites. They are unavoidable in people’s homes. They live in dust and eat dead skin cells that are excreted from the body; they usually are found on the pillows and beds. (In ten years, dust mites can weigh half the weight of your mattress) They also contribute to the dust that is found in bookcases and under furniture. The best way to get rid of them is to use dust mite covers for the pillow and the mattress. Make sure to wash your beddings with hot water to kill them and also, use synthetic beddings instead of the woolen ones.

Mold. Mold is found in damp areas, especially in bathrooms, basement and laundry rooms. To prevent mold from spreading, ensure you open the windows to allow air to circulate and also remember to use an exhaust fan when showering. Ensure you wash your bathroom frequently, especially around the corners of tiles and behind the shower curtains where mold breed. In case some surfaces are infested with mold, get a contractor to replace it if it is more than ten feet or is soft.
Household Fragrance. If there is a scent around your home, it could be the cause of your allergy. The freshener can cause one to experience a stuffy nose and end up falling asleep if you are reactive to chemicals used in the manufacture of the fragrance. The fragrance could either be in either in cleaners and cosmetics in the house. In case you are allergic, get cleaning detergents that are fragrance-free and get rid of air fresheners and other items that could have a strong scent.
Air conditioner, vacuums and heating items cannot cause allergies by themselves, dust and dirt coming from them can worsen the allergy from pollen, pet dander, mold and dust blown by the air. The easy means of eliminating them is by cleaning filters regularly with water, using HEPA to vacuum them and replacing them when need be.

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