Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Tom Qiao
March 26, 2022

Do you tend to sleep on your side? Do you also experience back or neck pain in the mornings, or perhaps not get a good night’s sleep? Your pillow could be to blame! A pillow’s job is to help align your spine and rest your head in a comfortable yet supportive position. If your pillow is too big, too small, too firm or too soft etc, then you could be causing yourself unnecessary harm, and experiencing an unnecessary lack of good sleep. Check our buying guide and recommendations on what is the best pillow for side sleepers.


1. Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

The Conforma Pillow from Classic Brands is a good option for side sleepers because of its height, support and use of quality materials. The loft height is 5 inches thick which makes for great support. This is a suitable height because it helps to align your spine to the correct position, which in turn minimizes pressure or pain in your neck and back.

In addition, the moldable memory foam pillow is firm but very comfortable and its solid construction means that it doesn’t shift around when you do. Furthermore, the foam is extremely durable and long-lasting, and so you don’t need to worry about it collapsing under the weight of your head. This Classic Brands pillow also conforms well to your body shape so you can ensure you sleep in your preferred sleeping position with adequate support.

  • Reputable company who have been in business since 1971,Very supportive,Comfortable,5 inches thick which makes it a suitable height for side sleepers,Minimizes neck and back pain,Doesn&rsquo
  • T shirt or create dips,Hypoallergenic,Long-lasting
  • Some off-gassing (chemical odor) at first

2. Malouf Zoned Latex Pillow

Malouf Zoned Latex Pillow

The Malouf Zoned Latex is a great pillow for side sleepers because it has a good loft height, and is very supportive and secure. Also, it is made from 100% natural Talalay latex, which makes it somewhat firm but very comfortable, and extremely long-lasting. It also supports your neck and back and helps to align your spine.

Additionally, it is notable for its great cooling properties and innovative technology which helps to wick away heat and moisture to keep you at a comfortable temperature all night long. And what’s more, it offers protection from mites or mildew to ensure a clean and fresh night’s sleep every time.

  • Washable cover allows you to keep your pillow clean,Good airflow for a cool sleep,High quality materials,Very supportive,Good support helps to minimize neck and back pain,Promotes good spinal alignment,Offers protection from mildew and mites,Comfortable
  • Higher price tag

3. Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

The Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow is a good option for side sleepers because it offers a good amount of loft height, and also doesn’t go flat or create dips or creases beneath your head. The pillow is long-lasting and very durable too. The company is so sure that the pillow will remain in excellent condition, that they even give you a 20 year warranty on it from the time you purchase it!

In addition, it is made from shredded memory foam which means it has easy shaping, great comfort and good airflow for a cooler sleep. The shredded foam is made from V.O.C Biogreen material which is CertiPur US certified, so you can be guaranteed that you are getting a high quality product at a good price too.

  • High quality materials,Good airflow due to the kool-flow technology,Supportive,Good for spinal alignment,Won&rsquo
  • t collapse under the weight of your head,Reputable company,20 year warranty,Comfortable,Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Although it has a good amount of airflow,memory foam tends to be warmer for sleep than other materials

4. ComfyComfy Buckwheat Pillow

ComfyComfy Buckwheat Pillow

The Buckwheat pillow from ComfyComfy is a good choice for side sleepers because of its high quality material which doesn’t collapse under your head. It also contours and conforms well to the shape of your body, which promotes good spinal alignment and helps to reduce any pain or pressure in your neck or back. The thickness is customizable, as there is a zipper which allows you to take out any of the material if you prefer it to be a little lower.

Just make sure you position your pillow properly though, as it being too high or too low will mean you aren’t getting adequate support throughout the night. Additionally, there are four sizes to choose from too so you can be sure to find one that is just right for you. Furthermore, the high quality materials that are used are chemical-free and are extremely durable. Last but not the least, it is comfortable and supportive, leaving you happy to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

  • Contours to your body shape,Good airflow allows for a cool sleep,Chemical free due to the nature of natural material like buckwheat,Customizable thickness,Plenty of size options including standard (20&rdquo
  • x 26&rdquo
  • ), queen (20&rdquo
  • x 30&rdquo
  • ), classic (15&rdquo
  • x 23&rdquo
  • ) and classic plus (15&rdquo
  • x 26&rdquo
  • ),Comfortable,Supportive
  • There have been reports that the buckwheat shifts around a bit

5. Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The Good Life Essentials Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is good for side sleepers because it is durable and adjustable. This pillow is made with shredded memory foam pillow that is very supportive and comfortable. The shredded foam allows you to mold and position the pillow any way you like, so that it is most comfortable for you and your ideal sleeping position, whilst also providing good support to areas such as your back, neck and knees.

It also has a bamboo cover which is super soft to create extra comfort. You can unzip the pillow as well; this allows you to remove some of the shredded memory foam if it is too big for you when you receive it. What’s more, it comes with a 5 year warranty as it is very durable, and doesn’t create dips or collapse where you tend to sleep.

  • Supportive
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Thick plushness for maximum support and comfort
  • Comes in a variety of size options including standard, queen and king
  • Sleeps cool in comparison to other memory foam pillows
  • Some off-gassing (chemical odor) at first

And the winner is….

The Malouf Zoned Latex pillow! The reason we have chosen this particular pillow as the best for the side sleeper category is because it’s highly supportive, massively reduces pain and pressure and is comfortable and made from great materials. It also has a good loft height which helps to properly align your spine and therefore reduces pressure points and pain in areas such as your neck and back. In addition, it feels firm, but in a good way, because it is very comfortable to lie on.

Additionally, it is made from high quality materials including 100% natural Talalay latex and uses great technologies to ensure you get a cool and comfortable slumber every night. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mites and mildew. But if you still want to be sure that your pillow is extra clean, it comes with a removable and washable cover too.

best pillow for side sleepers



Did you know that using a pillow that is actually suited to your side sleeping style has a ton of really impressive benefits? If you haven’t been using a suitable pillow for your sleeping position, then you may not be aware of how much better it could actually be for you and your body. Here’s how an appropriate pillow could help:

Better Spinal Alignment - The alignment of your spine depends on the pillow you use, as well as the mattress you sleep on. If you are sleeping with a good supportive pillow meant for your sleeping position, your spine will naturally align in the correct way. If you sleep with poor spinal posture, it could result in unnecessary pain, discomfort or even worse, injuries.

Pain Relief - A lot of people tend to suffer with neck and back pain after sleeping and this can often be contributed to the way in which they sleep. As discussed above, if you sleep with the correct pillow that properly supports and contours to your body, your spine will be aligned, which will alleviate any extra pain in your head, neck and back.

Less Snoring - Snoring generally occurs when your airflow is slightly blocked, or when your tongue goes to the back of your throat. This is why snoring tends to occur mostly when you are sleeping on your back, because your tongue falls backward, partially blocking your air channels. Although snoring is more common in back sleepers, it can occur in any sleeping position. For example, with side sleepers, if your neck is misaligned (i.e. too high or too low) then your airflow will be partially blocked and you may experience snoring. A supportive and correct height of pillow will minimise this.

Now that you know the benefits of buying the right pillow, what is stopping you from purchasing a pillow meant for you? If you are not sure exactly what to look for, we’ve got you covered. There are several things that are very important to consider when it comes to purchasing the right pillow for you as a side sleeper, in order to get your best night’s sleep. These include:

The Material

Memory Foam: There are two types of memory foam pillows you can choose from. The first is shredded foam, which consists of tiny pieces of foam that form one comfortable and supportive pillow. The second type is moldable foam, which is one large piece of foam which is great for contouring and support your head and neck. The only downside to memory foam pillows is that they tend to sleep a bit hotter than other types, but they are great for support, comfort and spinal alignment.

Latex: Latex pillows are ideal for those who tend to change positions throughout the night, and for those who want a pillow that has good airflow and cooling capabilities. In addition, they tend to be designed with lots of small holes, which helps to keep your head cool whilst you sleep. They are responsive and very supportive.

Buckwheat: Buckwheat pillows are often much firmer than other types of pillows, but this makes them good for those who tend to suffer with back and neck pain. Although they are firm, they are still moldable and contour to your body shape, which helps with proper spinal alignment too. They also have good cooling abilities to ensure you don’t sleep too hot.

Cotton: Cotton pillows can be good for side sleepers, especially when they are mixed with other materials. Some pillows which are solely made of cotton lack support and the filling can tend to move around as you move. Although they are not the best option for a side sleeper, they definitely aren’t the worst.

Materials to Avoid

Feather Pillows: Pillows made with feathers are really comfortable because they are extremely soft and quite moldable. However these features aren’t always great because they tend to lack the support that is needed for side sleepers. Although you may be tempted by the comfort of a feather pillow, we would recommend that you shop for a pillow with the materials we discussed earlier if you need more support from a pillow.

Polyester: Polyester pillows aren’t great for side sleepers because they aren’t very sturdy. This is because the material inside can move around, and also because they can get dips and hollow areas where your head tends to lie.

The Height

The height, or loft, of your pillow is a very important aspect to consider to ensure that you are getting a good night’s sleep. Why? Because if it is too high, your neck will bend in an upwards position which will be uncomfortable and throw off your spinal alignment.

The Support

When it comes to picking the right pillow for you as a side sleeper, it must be supportive. By supportive, we mean that the material doesn’t collapse or dip when you rest your head on it. If it does, then your head, neck and back won’t be well supported and this could result in excess pain and disturbed sleep.

So when it comes to shopping for a pillow that is right for you, you need to think mainly about the material, the size, how much support it offers and the height or thickness of the pillow. If choose a pillow that meets these 4 criteria, then you will have a pillow that allows you to wake up pain free and having had a good night’s sleep.

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