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Tom Qiao
March 26, 2022

Are you someone who is experiencing a lack of sleep due to waking up in discomfort? Or maybe you are waking up feeling hot and bothered? Or perhaps you toss and turn and wake up feeling pressure, pain or tension in key areas like your neck, back or shoulders?

If any of these issues sound familiar to you, then you need to figure out what is it that is preventing you from getting a quality night’s rest. And did you know that the answer really could be as simple as changing your pillow?

Gel pillows are a great solution for minimising pain, sleeping at a more optimum temperature and transforming the way you sleep. Check out our review of the best gel pillows below:

Best Gel Pillows

1. Snuggle Pedic Gel Pillow

Snuggle Pedic Gel Pillow

The Snuggle Pedic Gel Pillow is a great option for you if you are looking for a gel pillow that offers good support and great comfort. It is designed with Kool-Flow extra breathable micro-vented cover which is smooth and soft to touch, and helps to keep the surface of the pillow cool.

This high quality cover is made from viscose of bamboo, polyester and lycra, all of which assist in keeping you at a nice temperature throughout the night. The inside is constructed with gel-infused shredded memory foam which is ventilated to allow for good air circulation to help keep you cooler.

Because the filling is made from shredded foam, and the casing is zippable, you can remove any excess foam to adjust the height, firmness or level of support to suit your preferences.

The materials are hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial, and the cover is removable and machine washable so that you can always keep it fresh and clean.

Furthermore, it can be suitable for all sleeping styles whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, and can also be good to use as extra support for pregnant women.

It may be perfect for you if you tend to move positions a lot in your sleep, because the foam is very responsive and resilient allowing it to conform and mold to your head shape. This helps the support to remain strong and consistent all night long.

  • Breathable cover keeps you cool
  • Suits all sleeping styles
  • Includes 20 year warranty
  • Reports that is it too firm
  • Takes weeks to break in

2. Malouf Z Zoned Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

Malouf Z Zoned Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow

The Malouf Z Zoned Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow combines three pillow technologies (or parts) to create a super comfortable and extra supportive pillow. The first section is the Dough Memory Foam which is a durable and long-lasting foam that helps to spread your body weight evenly throughout the pillow.

It can also conform and mold well to your head which means great comfort and again, good support. The memory foam in this pillow is infused with gel which helps to keep you cool and comfortable all night long by distributing the heat from your head and wicking it away to ensure heat buildup does not occur.

The second section is where we have Zoned technology design. This means that the pillow is designed with holes scattered all throughout the pillow to provide a ventilated airflow which helps again to keep you at an optimum temperature. The holes in the middle of the pillow are much larger which helps to cradle the head, whereas the holes around the outer edge are smaller to help support your neck. The design of the holes also assists the breathability.

Last but not least, this pillow comes with a Tencel cover which is removable and machine washable. The cover is not only smooth and soft to touch, but it is known for its temperature regulating material and management of moisture which may help you to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

  • Responsive memory foam offers support
  • Holes for cradling comfort
  • Zoned technology keeps you cool
  • Reports that it is too soft
  • Reports that it&rsquo
  • s not comfortable

3. Classic Brands Reversible Gel Pillow

Classic Brands Reversible Gel Pillow

The Classic Brands Reversible Gel Pillow a great option for you if you are looking for a pillow that works to keep you cool in the summer, and at an optimum temperature in the winter. This is because one side features a cool gel layer just beneath the surface, whereas the other side is just like a regular pillow.

The cool gel layer helps to keep you cool by regulating the amount of heat that seeps into the pillow. It helps to evenly distribute the heat around the pillow, and also assists in promoting a good amount of airflow around the pillow. The memory foam layer should keep you cool and comfortable due to being designed with open cell memory foam which promotes good airflow and breathability.

In addition, it is said to be very supportive thanks to the firm yet comfortable memory foam it is made with. The memory foam conforms and molds to your head shape, and cradles it gently and comfortably. This cradling design also helps to support your neck, back and shoulders by keeping them all aligned.

This also helps to reduce and minimize aches and pains in these key areas. Furthermore, the memory foam is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial.

  • Reversibile design regulates body temperature
  • Helps to reduce pain
  • Includes 3 year warranty
  • Reports of off-gassing
  • Reports that its too firm

4. Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow

Another gel pillow that we recommend is the Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow. It has several features that made it stand out to us. These include the high quality materials it is made with including 100% polyester outer cover which is smooth and soft to lie upon.

It also features Ultra-Tech fabric made from 40% bamboo derived viscose rayon and 60% polyester, which helps to keep the pillow comfortable and breathable, too. As well as the breathable cover, the cooling gel inside the memory foam helps to wick away moisture from your head and prevent heat from getting in and staying within the pillow.

And because the filling inside is made from shredded memory foam, air is easily circulated and ventilated, too. These features combined help to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

The design of this pillow is great also, it has edge-to-edge support which means your head and neck should be supported no matter if you sleep in the middle of the pillow, or on the outer edge. It has a gusseted design which means the edges of the pillow shouldn’t slope, and the fill won’t gather in just one area.

And last but not least, the casing of this pillow is zippable and because the filling is shredded foam, you can remove excess foam to create your desired thickness, firmness and height to suit your unique needs.

  • Shredded memory foam keeps you cool
  • 100 day refund policy
  • Adjustable due to shredded filling
  • Reports of off-gassing
  • Pricier than other options

5. Comfort & Relax Reversible Pillow

Comfort & Relax Reversible Pillow

Last but not least, the Comfort & Relax Reversible Pillow is another superb option for a gel pillow. It firstly is encased in a smooth Spandex fabric which enables you to feel the cool gel surface layer which lies just beneath. The great thing about this gel pillow is that it is reversible to suit your unique requirements.

On one side, the gel sits just below the cover which helps to keep you cool by dispersing your body heat and wicking away heat and moisture from your head. When you flip the pillow over, you will get the feel of a regular memory foam filling.

This pillow offers great support due to the firm yet comfortable memory foam. Because of its excellent support, you may also notice a reduction in neck and shoulder pain throughout the night and/or in the morning.

  • Helps you to sleep cool
  • Reversible to suit your preferences
  • Offers great support
  • Reports of off-gassing
  • Reports that it is too firm

And the winner is...Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow. We have chosen this pillow as our winner because of its high quality materials, great cooling capabilities and unique support.
Its ultra-tech fabric is made from bamboo derived viscose, rayon and polyester which makes it soft and smooth to touch, as well as breathable. The inside filling is made with soft yet supportive shredded memory foam infused with gel, which means you should get support and comfort, as well as cooling features to keep your temperature regulated all night long.

The edge support is a great feature also, and means you can be comfortable and supported no matter what position you sleep in. And what’s more, is that you can remove some of the filling if you prefer the pillow to be softer or lower in height.

Our Buying Guide

Buying a new pillow can seem slightly daunting, especially since there is so much variety and so many options out there on the market. When it comes to purchasing a new gel pillow, check out our buying guide for advice and direction on their features and benefits:

What Is A Gel Pillow?

A gel pillow is a pillow that has components or a layer of smooth cooling gel, which is a layer that helps the user to stay cool, or at an optimum temperature, throughout the night.

There are many different types of gel pillows, as seen from our review section above. Some gel pillows will feature independent layers of gel which are placed near the surface. Others will feature gel-infused foam which is dispersed throughout the whole pillow filling.

What Are The Benefits?

Lots of benefits come with using a gel pillow which includes:

1. Good Support and Pain Reduction
Waking up with a sore neck or an aching back is less than ideal. And if it is happening to you on a regular basis, then it is certainly something you need to address. A gel pillow could be a really good option if this sounds like you, because they offer a great amount of support to key areas including your head, neck, back and shoulders.

Gel pillows often combine the use of gel and memory foam which provides a firm yet comfortable surface, that molds and conforms to your body shape and provides support.

Because the support is generally very good amongst gel pillows, it can help to keep your key pressure points and areas of tension aligned and in a comfortable position which will reduce the likelihood of aches and pains.

2. Sleeps Cool
Keeping our bodies at an cool or optimum temperature during the night enables us to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Gel pillows have a reputation of having a cool surface layer that wicks away moisture from your head as well as prevents warm air from getting and staying in. The cool surface should keep you more comfortable and also help to reduce the likelihood of headaches and migraines.

3. Provides Good Air Circulation
The gel pillows that are designed with gel-infused memory foam are really great at keeping you and the pillow surface cool and comfortable due to their ability to circulate air well. The gel that is added to the foam creates a better sense of airflow than that of memory foam alone.

4. Conforms with your Movement
Because gel pillows are generally constructed with memory foam layers, they are able to mold and conform to your movements throughout the night. Not only does this keep you supported, it also keeps you comfortable which can mean you are less likely to wake up in the middle of the night, and won’t experience disturbed sleep due to discomfort or irritation.


To sum it up, if you are on the hunt for a pillow that helps you to remain cool and comfortable all night long, as well as give you improved support, then a gel pillow may be a great solution for you! The adjustability, support, comfort, cooling features and high quality materials of the Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow make it a really good option to try to help you to transform your sleep for the better.

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