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Tom Qiao
March 26, 2022

Generally speaking, your pillow has two basic functions: it gives you support as you rest, and it also increases your comfort while sleeping. Getting ample sleep every night is an important factor that many people overlook. We rounded up the five best buckwheat pillows available on the market today.

The Top 5 Best Buckwheat Pillows

1. Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

This is one of the popular buckwheat pillows available on the market right now. Below are the pros and cons of the said pillow:

  • It is genuinely made and designed by the Japanese owner
  • The buckwheat hulls used are of high-quality and are triple air cleaned. This means that the hulls are cleaned thoroughly to remove dust buckwheat flour and other debris. You can check this out if you are allergic to other types of fill such as down feathers
  • The unbleached cotton cover is said to be very soft to touch this may help you to sleep more comfortably
  • The cover comes with a zipper to help you take out the hulls if you need to wash them. Which means you can have a fresh pillow every night if you want to
  • The pillow helps in relieving headaches and shoulder and/or neck pain
  • It comes in 7 different sizes
  • One buyer commented that although it is quite heavy you may get the best deal because it contains more buckwheat hulls compared to other buckwheat pillows
  • The pillow can be a bit on the hard side, and this could be uncomfortable to some. I personally discovered that sleeping on a firmer type of pillow didn&rsquo
  • t allow me to have a good night&rsquo
  • s sleep
  • The hulls make noise when you move around so it may take some getting used to

2. JOERRES Buckwheat Pillow

JOERRES Buckwheat Pillow

The JOERRES Buckwheat Pillow is another buckwheat pillow that you can look into. Below are its pros and cons:

  • The material used for the pillow case has a fine-toothed non-metallic zipper that can help keep your washing machine and dryer scratch and rust-free
  • If you are looking for a pillow that can help with cervical alignment this pillow is worth trying
  • The manufacturer says that the fragrance from the buckwheat can help to induce sleep
  • If you want a pillow that can double as a knee or head support while lying on your side, this may give you a firm but gentle support
  • You can clean the buckwheat hulls every one to two months
  • If you hate static this pillow comes with an antistatic case
  • If your pillow gets dirty, you can easily wash your pillow in water below 40 degrees
  • It isn&rsquo
  • t a good idea to make this pillow into a neck roll as it can be too big and uncomfortable
  • If you prefer having a softer pillow this might not be for you
  • You might find that the handmade pillow cover is a bit coarser than other types of covers
  • If you are comfortable with bigger pillows this is a bit smaller as mentioned by some users

3. Sachi Organics Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow

Sachi Organics Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow

The Sachi Organics Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow is another buckwheat pillow you can check out. Below are its pros and cons:

  • If you want a more malleable type of pillow you can take out some of the hulls, The buckwheat hulls used are lightweight and organic. They should easily conform to your neck and head shape
  • The buckwheat hulls can help keep you cool as you sleep
  • If you like the feeling of getting a massage the hulls may feel like tiny massages against your neck as you relax, This pillow might be a good companion as you can easily bring it with you whenever you travel as buckwheat pillows tend to be on the heavy side
  • According to some reports this pillow is great for any sleeping position, but it may work best for those who sleep on their backs
  • If you find that the pillow is too firm you can take some of the hulls out until you find it comfortable to use
  • If you are looking for a pillow that can support your entire head this may not be the pillow for you. This pillow only supports the neck and the nearby parts and it can only act as a bolster pillow
  • There are people who say this pillow is a bit expensive
  • The pillow doesn&rsquo
  • t come with a pillow case so if you are sensitive about this you may have to find a separate pillowcase to put over it
  • If you don&rsquo
  • t like getting buckwheat hulls all over your bed you have to double check that the zipper is always fully closed to prevent any from leaking out

4. ComfySleep Rectangular Buckwheat Hull Pillow

ComfySleep Rectangular Buckwheat Hull Pillow

Here is the list of pros and cons for the ComfySleep Rectangular Buckwheat Hull Pillow:

  • The buckwheat hulls used do not contain any chemicals or any fumigants
  • It comes with a breathable cotton cover that aim to make sleeping more comfortable even with the firm buckwheat hulls inside
  • The buckwheat hulls can mold nicely around the neck and head areas for firm and great support
  • It can provide better alignment of the spine and neck, especially for back sleepers. It should also work well for side sleepers
  • The materials used for the pillow do not retain heat which is why it should help to keep you cool as you sleep
  • You can add or remove buckwheat hulls as desired
  • The buckwheat hulls do not respond to pressure which means they don&rsquo
  • t move around
  • It creates a considerable amount of noise as the buckwheat hulls move around
  • The buckwheat hulls do not respond to pressure which means that you might have to re-shape the pillow if you change positions as it will not readily mold to your body

5. PineTales Organic Buckwheat Pillow

PineTales Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Here is another buckwheat pillow to look at. Below are the pros and cons:

  • The cover of the pillow is said to be very soft and hygienic
  • If you want a cool pillow this buckwheat pillow is said to promote good air circulation
  • The rayon bamboo fabric of the cover may also help you stay cool as you sleep, One unique characteristic that this pillow has is its waterproof cover. If you want your pillow to stay dry all the time this characteristic may be very important
  • The cover may help to release moisture a lot faster. This should keep your pillow lasting for longer, Every pillow is said to be checked by the owners themselves to ensure that quality is upheld every time, This may be a good alternative for people who have allergies to certain types of pillow fill
  • The pillow comes with two covers (an inner shell and a bamboo outer cover). You can take them out to be machine washed, If you are plagued with headaches due to poor posture, this pillow may be a good option for you
  • It may be heavier than expected. I like moving my pillow around at times so this is a clear disadvantage for me
  • Some say that the pillow is too firm for them
  • The earthy smell of the hulls could be annoying to some

Out of the 5 buckwheat pillows presented above, the Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow tops them all. The pillow is designed and made in Japan, which means that it is authentic. The buckwheat hulls used are triple air cleaned.

This shows that the owner has high standards in making sure that the hulls do not have remnants of anything that could cause problems to the users. You can add or remove buckwheat hulls as you need, which may be useful if you find the fill to be too much or too little. The pillow comes with an ample supply of hulls, so you should not need to purchase more.

It comes in 7 different sizes, so you can definitely choose the perfect size for you and it has a cooling effect that should prevent you from sweating at night. The hulls can mold to fit your head and neck precisely, providing great support. It should not collapse under your head’s weight. You can try a buckwheat pillow if you are allergic to down pillows as the former is hypoallergenic.


Why It Might Be Time to Change Your Pillow

You may not know it, but your pillow plays an integral part in your sleeping routine. Here are some tips on why you should look at changing your pillow sooner rather than later Source:

Your pillow might be the cause of your acne.
One of the worst causes of acne is when you press your face onto something dirty - and that something can be your pillow. The usual suspect is your pillow, especially your pillowcase, as you spend hours with your head on it.

It contains the oils, dirt, dead skin cells, sweat, and a lot more. This is why it is very important to replace your pillow, or at least change your pillowcase to a newly laundered one often.

It’s a feasting ground for dust mites.
The dirt that accumulates on your pillow attracts dust mites. It is thought that asthma and year-round allergies are commonly triggered by dust mites. This is why washing your pillow or pillowcase is very important. The Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow has a pillowcase that you can easily remove and wash to prevent dust mites from burrowing into it.

It cannot support your head and upper body anymore.
As you keep on using your pillow, the material eventually breaks down. Find a filling that will be able to hold your weight for a long time without breaking down easily.

Buckwheat hulls, like the ones used in the Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow, are strong enough to hold your head and give the needed support for your head and neck. Remember that a good pillow can keep your spine and neck aligned as you sleep.

It could offer a lot more.
You may think that your current pillow is the best, but you could actually find another pillow that offers you more benefits. It is important to know the basics of pillow technology, as well as the options that are available.

Buckwheat pillows may have been traditionally used in Asia for hundreds of years, but the technology is still relevant for alleviating neck and shoulder pains, as well as migraines. The hulls are also organic, so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals in the materials used.

Benefits of Using a Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat is a fruit and not a grain, and the hulls have been used for many centuries as a material for pillows in a lot of Asian countries, such as Japan. Here are some of the benefits that you could get from using a buckwheat pillow:

Buckwheat hulls can provide better support.
Pillows are traditionally very soft, which means that they collapse once you place your head on them. This does not give you the needed support for your spine, neck, and head.

Buckwheat hull pillows such as the Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow help to maintain good posture while sleep because they do not collapse or compact with weight. Instead, the spine and neck are properly molded into the pillow. This makes it perfect for support.

Buckwheat hull pillows help you to save money.
You are actually making an economical choice when you purchase a buckwheat pillow. They should last a lot longer compared to pillows with other fillings. They can last up to ten years or even longer.

Traditional pillows usually last up to 3 years maximum before you need to replace them. Buckwheat pillows may be a bit more expensive when you buy them, but in the long run, you actually save money as they last longer.

Say goodbye to night sweating.
Buckwheat hulls do not trap heat, unlike other types of fill. The hulls let air flow through easily, making the pillow a breathable one ( You don’t need to turn your pillow over for a cooler pillow because buckwheat pillows stay cool and dry on both sides as you sleep.

Buckwheat hull pillows help to alleviate pain.
Bad pillows often exacerbate any existing conditions, such as backaches, headaches, and the like. If your pillow cannot properly support your body, you will develop pain.

The body goes through undue strain. The buckwheat hull pillow can support your body well, helping to keep you free from pain. The hulls assist by adjusting to the form of your body, helping your muscles to relax.


Organic buckwheat pillows have a lot of benefits and pros that you could consider. Having one, like the Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow can help you get excellent sleep at night. This type of pillow has been in use for centuries in Asian countries.

If it has been used for generations, then that is enough to make me think that it is indeed effective in keeping body pains at bay. It keeps your body in the proper position, and can provide the needed orthopedic support to help you sleep more comfortably and stay cool. Since I tried this pillow, I have said goodbye to back pains and headaches!

It is also more likely to last longer in comparison to pillows with a different type of fill.

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