Sinomax Pillow Review

Tom Qiao
March 26, 2022

If you are not getting a good night’s sleep, you are probably feeling drained, tired and frustrated, especially if you are struggling to sleep well on a daily basis. Having a poor night’s sleep can leave you moody, angry, short-tempered and just pure exhausted. If you are like me and have had issues with sleeping for so long, then you need to figure out why!

And did you know, the answer could be as simple as getting yourself a better pillow? When I found the Sinomax Pillow, I knew that this could actually really change my life. Check out my Sinomax Pillow Review to see how if it could benefit you and change the way you sleep.

What is the Sinomax Pillow?

The Sinomax Pillow is made from super comfortable memory foam and features a rayon derived from bamboo case. One of its greatest features is that it uses targeted technology to ensure that your head and neck gets ideal support all throughout the night.

Sinomax Pillow

Its curved shape cradles your head whilst also conforming and responding well to your shape and your sleeping position, no matter whether you sleep on your front, stomach or back.

It is similar to market leaders such as Marnur Contour Memory Foam Pillow, but is cheaper and features a bamboo pillow.

  • Medium firmness which is good for support
  • Provides great targeted support
  • Pressure relieving,Comfortable
  • Rayon derived from bamboo cover which is super soft, light and breathable
  • Sleeps cool due to moisture wicking cover
  • Some people may find it too firm

Features & Benefits

Targeted Neck Support: The Sinomax Pillow offers great support including support which specifically targets your neck area. If you are currently using a non-supportive pillow, you may notice that your neck aches or is stiff when you wake up in the morning.

This pillow is designed to solve these problems as it offers additional intensive support to your neck which will help you sleep more comfortably and wake up ache and pain free.

Soft and Comfortable: Super soft and effortlessly comfortable, the Sinomax Pillow is made from medium soft memory foam that cradles your head to provide an extremely comfortable slumber.

Neutralized Heat & Moisture Wicking: The fibers inside the pillow as well as the built in cover help to absorb any moisture from your head, which reduces the amount of heat you feel while you sleep. They do so by wicking away heat and moisture in order to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Light Fibers: The light fibers inside the pillow also help to keep you cool. They are light, breathable and allow for good air circulation at all times. This makes the pillow seem light and fresh.

Contouring: The Sinomax Pillow has a contoured shape which dips in the middle to cradle your head, helping with head and neck support providing extra comfort. What’s great about its shape is that the lower middle and the higher sides allow you to have continued support no matter what position you tend to sleep in.

Pressure Relief: The contouring design of the Sinomax Pillow correctly supports your head, neck, shoulders and back and therefore relieves signs of pressure or pain.

Antimicrobial: The rayon derived from bamboo fabric cover contains antimicrobial properties which help to keep your pillow feeling and looking fresh over a longer period of time.

Things to consider before buying a Sinomax Pillow

If you are experiencing a poor night’s sleep on a daily basis and looking for a solution that could transform your sleep for the long term, then a Sinomax Pillow might just be what you need.

Who is it for?

The Sinomax Pillow is a good option for you if you tend to twist in several positions throughout the night, and are unsatisfied with the rest you are getting. It is also a good option if you wake up feeling achy or stiff, suffer from insomnia or generally just aren’t getting a great night’s sleep.

Who is it not for?

If you prefer a pillow that is extremely soft or one that is very flexible and can be folded or twisted, then the Sinomax Pillow won’t be the best option for you.

This is because, although it is very comfortable, it is of medium softness and the memory foam is one piece rather than moldable shredded foam. The Sinomax Pillow also won’t be a good option for you if you prefer a pillow that is of even height.

Things to think about before buying a Sinomax Pillow

Loft Height/Size: The Sinomax Pillow is 15 x 20 x 6 inches in size, making it a good height for all sleeping positions. The higher edges support your head and the dip in the middle cradles your head comfortably.

Weight: Just 1.9 pounds in weight, this pillow is lightweight enough to move or carry, but sturdy enough that it still offers the support you need for a good night’s sleep.

Contouring Shape: Although the contouring shape offers great support and comfort, its unique shape is not for everyone. We suggest doing a trial before buying it because it can take some getting used to if you do not normally use a pillow of this shape.

Cooler Sleep: If you tend to struggle with overheating or sweating during the night, or simply just can’t sleep due to being uncomfortably hot, then you need a pillow that is designed to sleep cooler. The Sinomax Pillow does just this due to its moisture wicking mechanism and fresh bamboo cover we discussed earlier.

So if you are a hot sleeper, this will be a good option for you.

What alternatives are there to the Sinomax Pillow?

If perhaps the Sinomax Pillow we have suggested isn’t quite the right option for you, then here are some alternatives:

1. UTTU Memory Foam Contour Pillow

UTTU Memory Foam Contour Pillow

The UTTU Memory Foam Contour Pillow is a great alternative to the Sinomax Pillow. It has the same shape design so it nicely cradles your head while comfortably supporting your head and neck. It also has a bamboo cover which is made from 60% polyester and 40% bamboo and is fresh, light, breathable and good for air circulation, meaning it also sleeps nice and cool.

Similarly to the Sinomax Pillow, it allows you to sleep in any position, whether it be front, stomach or back, and supports you no matter what.

The UTTU Pillow uses UTTU Dynamic Foam, which easily responds and conforms to the shape of your head and neck and sleeping position, making it both comfortable and supportive. It also provides great pressure relief.

Unlike the Sinomax Pillow, the UTTU Pillow has an adjustable height design, which means you can adjust it just how you like it. You can remove the middle layer of memory foam, which takes the pillow from 4.7 inches at the highest point and 3.9 inches at the lowest point, to 3.5 inches at the highest point and 2.8 inches at its lowest point.

Comparison to the Sinomax Pillow:

- It is heavier (3 lbs vs 1.9 lbs)
- Adjustable height design by removing the middle layer of memory foam which makes it lower
- 5 year warranty
- Slightly cheaper

2. SOFTaCARE Contour Pillow

SOFTaCARE Contour Pillow

Similar to the Sinomax Pillow, the SOFTaCARE Pillow is a contour pillow that responds and conforms to the shape of your head and neck, and the way in which you sleep. In doing so, it provides excellent support to these areas, which helps to properly align your spine as well as reduce and relieve pressure or pain that can build up after sleeping on the wrong pillow.

What is slightly different about the SOFTaCARE Pillow, is that is created with an orthopedic form, which enables pressure to be distributed more evenly whilst also provided therapeutic support for your head and neck. Overall, it offers excellent support and helps you sleep more comfortably.

It also has an ergonomic form with two wave types, so you can choose whether you want to sleep on the higher or lower side (simply flip the pillow to choose). Also unlike the Sinomax Pillow, this pillow actually comes with two covers.

The outer cover is the bamboo cover which is soft, smooth and very breathable which helps you to sleep more cool and comfortably. The bamboo cover is removable and machine washable so you can always ensure it is nice and clean. The second cover sits just beneath the bamboo cover which means you can still use the pillow whilst the bamboo cover is being cleaned.

It is also soft and breathable.The SOFTaCARE Pillow uses high quality materials that are also all hypoallergenic, including 100% pure density memory foam and 100% natural bamboo fiber for the cover.

Comparison to the Sinomax Pillow:

- Comparable price
- 60 day money back guarantee
- Comes with two covers, the outer layer is removable and washable
- Orthopedic design which helps to evenly distribute pressure for a more comfortable and supportive sleep
- Two waves types to choose from, one on either side

3. Perform Pillow Memory Foam Neck Roll Pillow

Perform Pillow Memory Foam Neck Roll Pillow

The Memory Foam Neck Roll Pillow by Perform Pillow is a great and high quality contour pillow. It uses special density foam as well as an orthopedic design which provides extra comfort and superb support. Similar to the Sinomax Pillow, the foam used is very breathable and creates a good amount of airflow which keeps you cool and comfortable all night through.

What’s also great about the Perform Pillow, and one of the things that makes it more expensive, is that it is 100% eco friendly AND does not contain any harsh chemicals such as lead, mercury or any additional heavy metals which can sometimes be found in other memory foam.

As with the Sinomax Pillow, the Perform Pillow comes with a removable and machine washable bamboo cover which is super soft and comfortable. This one is micro-vented to keep you extra cool. This pillow is of medium firmness and is great for any sleeping position.

Comparison to the Sinomax Pillow:

- Around $30 more expensive
- No harsh chemicals like mercury or lead
- Micro-vented bamboo cover


So overall, if you suffer from insomnia, neck pain or are just generally feeling that your are not sleeping well enough and that your poor sleep is taking over your life, then you could really be doing your body some damage, both physically and mentally. Investing in a new pillow could really transform your sleep, and the Sinomax Pillow is a great option.

I love it because it provides excellent targeted support, reduces pain and pressure, suits any sleeping style, is comfortable and sleeps cool due to the breathable bamboo cover.

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